Toxic Butts

They're everywhere. About 360 billion cigarette butts are consumed in the U.S. every year1 and these end up in streets, sidewalks, neighborhoods, college campuses, waterways, lakes, oceans...everywhere.

If cigarette butt waste was just litter that'd be bad enough. But it's not. Scientific studies recently proved cigarette butts are toxic waste.2 Really toxic waste.

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Our sixth video, "Unnatural 'Natural' Cigarettes":

Our fifth video, "Montage of Cigarette Butts":

Our fourth video, "Is Your Campus an Ashtray?":

Our third video, "Butts on the Beach":

Our second video, "Toxic Waste":

Our first video, "Toxic Butts and a Goldfish":

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2. Slaughter E, Gersberg R, Watanabe K, Rudolph J, Stransky C, Novtony TE. Toxicity of Cigarette Butts, and their Chemical Components, to Marine and Freshwater Fish, Tobacco Control, 2011; 20(Suppl 1).Available online: